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Executive Committee

Rules and Regulations : This Committee may invite any concerned officer/person as a special invitee. The functions and powers of Executive Committee shall be, to take all steps for giving effect to the Uttarakhand CAMPA and overarching objectives and core principles, in accordance with rules and procedures approved by the Steering Committee and the approved APO. Committee is responsible to prepare the APO of the State, submit it to the Steering Committee before the end of March for next financial year, and obtain the Steering Committee’s concurrence for release of funds, while giving break-up of the proposed activities and estimated costs and supervise the works being implemented in the State out of the funds released from the Uttarakhand CAMPA. Committee will be responsible for proper auditing of both receipt and expenditure of funds § Develop the code for maintenance of the account at the implementing agency level and submit reports to the Steering Committee for review/ consideration; and Prepare Annual Report by end-June for previous financial year. :

1 Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (HoFF), Uttarakhand Chairperson
2 Chief Wildlife Warden, Uttarakhand Member
3 An officer not below the rank of CCF dealing with forest and wildlife related schemes in state Member
5 An officer not below the rank of CCF dealing with forestry research in state Member
5 Nodal Officer, State Forest Development Agency, Uttarakhand Member
6 A representative each of the departments dealing with Environment, Finance, Planning, Rural Development, Revenue, Agriculture, Tribal Development, Panchayati Raj, Science and Technology Member
17 Financial Controller or Financial Adviser, nominated by Finance Department. Member
18 Two eminent Non Government Organizations appointed by the State Government
1. Himalayan Action Research Centre , Dehradun ,
2. Ujjwala , Kotdwar Uttarakhand
9 Two representatives of the district level Panchayati Raj Institutions appointed by the State Govt.
1. Mr. Gopal Singh Panwar , Member district panchayat , Rudraprayag
2. Mrs. Lakshmi Bisht , Member district panchayat, Pauri
10 An expert on tribal matters or representative of tribal communities appointed by State Govt.
[Mr. S T S Leptcha , Retd. IFS]
11 Chief Executive Officer of the State Authority. Member Secretary

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